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What is Credit Repair?

Our Specialization

Credit repair is the process of fixing your credit report when inaccurate information or mistakes are present. These errors are much more common than you might think: A study from the Federal Trade Commission in 2013 found 1 in 4 consumers identified errors on their credit report that could negatively impact their credit rating.

Simply put, you could have a lower credit rating than what you actually deserve—and likely through no fault of your own! This erroneous information can keep you from getting the loans and rates that you deserve. They can keep you stuck in your old car or old home, or limit your access to different types of credit.

The mistakes themselves can be as tricky to spot as they are numerous. However, with proper legal work—or the help of a credit repair agency—the credit repair process can help identify various types of inaccuracies and demand they be REMOVED.

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Loan Approvals

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Who Are We?

Our Team

I'm Frances, the owner of L&RS MANAGEMENT COMPANY. I empower people with the right credit-building strategies so they can qualify and secure their dream lifestyle for their families.

I created a mentorship program to teach the right credit-building strategies to qualify and secure a dream lifestyle for their families. Many single moms strive to embrace entrepreneurship fully, so I teach solopreneurs how to establish and leverage industry-standard business capital to grow and manage a thriving profitable business.

Today I want to invite you to consider your options and be allowed to get information to make an informed decision and start freeing yourself from everything that makes you want to shut down and give up. I have already been where you are, and together we will RISE.

Why Choose Us ?

What Makes Us Different

Integrity. Honest. Transparent.

In the 90 days we work together I will work with you to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to flourish inside your business. We like to see our clients in their dream homes within 6 months to 1 year!.



We are proud to be trusted by so many to assist with their Financial Journey. We are transparent, up front and we keep your best interest at the forefront of all we do.



During the budgeting module, you will have bi-weekly calls to ensure you are on the correct path. Once you have mastered budgeting there will be a monthly 30 min check-in for questions and updates.



Our Dispute team consists of our Credit Attorney, Paralegals and Credit Repair Specialists. We work tirelessly to make sure we find all inaccuracies on your report.



We know many have been promised credit repair and have been let down. We want to change the game and lower the prices. We charge a small monthly fee. No games, no surprises.

Our Money Back Guarantee



120 Day Money Back Guarantee if zero score improvement. The guarantee is voided by new collection/charge offs/

derogatory items being added to the credit report.

How Can We Help You?

We assist business owners with establishing credible business entities so they can obtain capital to support their exponential growth. Setting up the correct business entity will protect business owners’ personal assets, save on taxes, and provide structure to business


We Help By Removing


This occurs when you fall behind on your vehicle’s monthly payment. It can stay on your report for up to seven years making your financial life very difficult for years. Repo’s are also listed in the public record section of your report.


These happen whenever an account is seriously past due. The creditor decides to sell it to a collection agency and it drastically affects your score. Do not pay any collections as this will actually decrease your score.


Making your payments late is very unhealthy for your credit score, especially since payment history makes up 35% of your score. So one late payment can make a huge negative impact.


Each hard inquiry causes your credit score to decrease. It's important to not run your credit so much since it can be interpreted as an attempt to substantially expand available credit, and create higher risks for lenders.


When a creditor believes that a debt is unlikely to be collected they will write it off as a loss. This does not mean you are off the hook. You are still responsible for paying the debt back, and it also lowers your score drastically.


Student debt includes any loans Federal or Private you take out to pay for your college education, which you repay with interest at a later date.

Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes L&RS MANAGEMENT COMPANY different from other credit repair companies?

We started this company to help people. Instead of sending GENERIC dispute letters, we DISSECT your entire credit report as a team for HOURS after we receive it. Then we pinpoint every single inaccuracy with in your report for every single collection or negative item on it. The Law states everything in the report must be 100% accurate or it must be removed. We use Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to fight the inaccurate items on your report. Simply put, we care about making your life better. Would love to help you NEXT!

Q: When will I start to see the results on my credit report?

Results will start appearing within 30 to 90 days.

Q: What will I get when I sign up for the program?

Once you complete the sign-up process, you will get a phone call from me or my team members. Then we will begin working on your credit report to remove any inaccurate information. The program also provides you with the information you need to keep working on raising your credit score.

Q: How Much Will I Have to Pay?

We offer 3 different plans: Personal Credit, Singles Plan and Couples Plan. You are not charged a fee until work is performed.

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